The Philosopher – Introduction

2822e875-e636-49c7-8bbe-8f624fcf595dOnce upon a time in the land of Xis there lived a philosopher. His castle was in the air. His kingdom was in his heart. He was a good, generous and just man. Although he had many who loved him, by his own choice he lived alone for most of his years. The philosopher only longed for one thing. He asked the sun, the moon and the stars to send him a queen before he died. He would walk everyday along the cobbled stone streets and through the fields and forests of his kingdom continuing his search for truth and his one true love. He searched everywhere for truth and in the eyes of every face he saw for love. The philosopher hoped one day he would find a queen to share with him whatever years remained? It was this dream that fueled his life as much as philosophy, music and poetry. The story starts here, but the end remains to be written.